Discover San Francisco the Right Way

San Francisco is the most liberal city in America. To discover San Francisco you don’t have to look very far to see some unique characteristics about the city.  You can do what you like, say what you like and act the way you like without other people caring. Regardless of what you prefer, you will still enjoy yourself in the city.

Traffic in the City

If you’re going to discover San Francisco, it is not always best to do it with your own car. It is better advised that you call an uber, a taxi, take the subway, or public transport. Parking fees can be very hefty in the city. There can also be many signs warning  you about regulations parking in certain areas. If you don’t see one of these it could end up costing you $500 or more dollars to get your car out of impound. Therefore, we recommend against calling a towing service, and that you pay a 3rd party to transport you around for the day.

First sight for visitors

People that are visiting the city and want to discover San Francisco for the first time will not fail to notice that the residents love partying. They will be met by a culinary scene that leads the city which makes them feel that they have visited the most beautiful city in America. Besides the beauty, the attention of visitors will be grabbed by the people influenced by the idea of the American melting pot. There are many things one would be interested in doing when visiting the city. They include shopping in the city’s downtown boutiques, riding cable cars, sailing and exploring the neighborhoods. The city population is about 840,000 people with about 18 million visitors each year. The best time to visit San Francisco is between April and May or September to October.


Historical landmarks

Nice photo of Fishermans Wharf San FranciscoThe number one tourist site in San Francisco is the Fisherman’s Wharf. Visitors can explore the sea lions, Musee Mecanique’s arcade games and marvel at the tall ships at St Pier. A tour at the Maritime Historic Park and a ride on the modern ferry to Alcatraz are among the things to explore.

The most spectacular spot in the city is the Golden Gate Bridge. When someone wants to discover San Francisco, this is often one of the first things they think about exploring. It is 80 stories high above the Golden Gate waters which are a narrow passageway between the bay and the ocean. The best time to visit is early afternoon or midday when the sky is clear. this allows you to view the Pacific and the downtown skyline.


Discover San Francisco Cable cars

They are moving National Historic landmarks in the city. Powell St lines are very popular with tourists, therefore, it is best to board early in the morning to get some space. The alternative would be to board the less popular California St line. But this would mean you will miss some incredible sight-seeing. The Cable car museum provides rich information on how the massive network functions.


The Waterfront

The landmark ferry building has been transformed into a huge market with artisanal foods specifically from local producers. Midday is the best time to visit due to the stalls are open and local workers will be having lunch. From there, you can head to the Exploratorium, the science museum. In the evening, ensure you head back to the Bay Bridge. You will certainly marvel at the spectacle of 25,000 LED lights that create very unique patterns. Actually, the bridge becomes the largest LED display in the world, hence its international noteriety. Other places to explore include Lombard Street, Russian Hill, Golden Gate Park, Chinatown, and Union Square.

If you’re interested in a darker side of San Francisco, something not often talked about, read here about San Francisco’s dark side. Its very interesting, and some history you might not know.